2017 – Mosswood Chapel, Oakland


Reception with
DJ Flink

Installations by
Faith Arazi
Linda Scobie
Oracle Plus


Film Program

Repeating Patterns Over an Infinite Surface, Angel Faith and Morgan Liggera, 2017

Cernunnos, Kayla Lenberg, 2015

This eerie short film was shot on 16mm using a Bolex camera. The film was hand processed using mordencage chemical techniques, originally hand-edited on a Steenbeck, with married audio recorded and produced by Kayla Lenberg.

Touch, Joel Gregory, 2016

Residue of encounters felt but not seen

Self Improvement, Clint Enns, 2010

A self help video that rests somewhere between the realms of code hacking, archaic design and spiritual awakening.

The Unpainted Woman, Kathy Rose, 2016

Part Fantastic Voyage, part celebration of my younger self, this is a finely crafted jewel in which I am looking for those who are not immune to splendor.

CUMIA, Lili White, 2016

A Sibyl operated in the caves in Cumia, lnown as the doorway to Hades, where Aeneas met his dead father to consult with him about his future.

Kapr (a fish scale can hide a sun), Juliette Liautaud, 2014-2015

An experimental winter tale based on a Christmas czech carp story.

:\eclipsed, Nicole Baker & Kirk Peterson, 2015

:\Eclipsed is the creation myth of an ancient civilization preserved on a degraded data-storage device discovered by archaeologists in a distant future.

Supreme Presence, Leyla Rodriguez, 2016

There will always be that one moment that one thing and clear feeling where you know this will be a presence shining through the centuries of your life. This is the supreme presence, all pictures combine and unfold in there own way, in their own time, the presence has its own time. Cutting the Clock and the Calender in Half just by the pure existence.

Revés Del Tiempo – Inside Out Time, Muki Sabogal, 2016

* It is a ritual to hold on to time, proposing to it a deal to be in the present. A wanderer must reconcile herself with the unfolding of time on a pre-Inca temple, digging through its trifles, Butoh dancers who enquire into their own search superpose themselves.

Copper, summer fucking mason, 2017

Copper engages with the concepts of both Black death and queerness. The goal of [Copper ] is to redefine the five stages of grief, re-imagining how Black folx throughout America endure collective trauma. Enduring grief is framed not as a process of victimization but a method of transcending the current plane. A cycle of deconstructing and reconstructing that occurs more than once; how [Copper] interprets these five stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.


Performance by

Featuring films

Linda FenstermakerPartial, 2016

This film questions the layers of division between ourselves and the natural landscape in both form and format.

Tara Merenda NelsonFlying Fish, 2012

“When the new is given birth, the light is brought to Earth. The energy of the cosmos becomes visible through human life and deeds, and that energy impregnates all with its divine quality. The creation which takes place in darkness and stillness will emerge and spread the divine, the Light, sharing it once again with the mother who gave it birth.” – The Tarot, Princess of Disks

A portrait of my pregnant sister, surrounded by magic.


Performance + Expanded Cinema by